Send us your records

Recording is a vital tool for conservation of herpetofauna. It is much easier to plan for the continued welfare of reptile and amphibian populations if we know where they are.

Records from members of the public are a key part of any recording strategy and we always appreciate it when you take the time to let us know what you have seen, where you have seen it and when.

How do I send a record?

If you would like to provide us with a record from your area, please email the Group at It doesn't matter if you don't have every detail - just include everything you can.

Alternatively use On-line recording at the RECORD POOL

If you would like to use on-line recording for your record, please use ARG-UK's Record Pool


In Derbyshire, we have five native amphibian species and four native reptile species. The amphibian species are common frog, common toad, smooth newt, palmate newt and great crested newt, and the reptile species are slow worm, common lizard, adder and grass snake. If you are not sure what species you have seen, there are Reptiles and Amphibians ID charts that can be opened or downloaded from the Publications page of the ARG UK's website.

Grid References

Many mobile devices can now give your location using GPS and there are several websites that can give you a grid reference from maps or aerial photos can Try this site Grab a Grid Reference from Keith Balmer of Bedfordshire Natural History Society which is very useful for finding a grid reference for your record. Although this opens centred on Bedfordshire (naturally), drag the red marker to the location of your record and the grid reference appears in the box in the top right hand corner of the window. Use either the road map or aerial photos to locate the exact position and tick the relevant 10m or 100m square box to obtain the detailed grid reference. More detailed instructions appear at the bottom of the window.

Looking for records?

If you are looking to obtain records of amphibians and reptiles in Derbyshire, we are able to carry out searches of our database and provide maps and summaries of records. Costs vary depending on the nature of the enquiry and size of search required. For further information, please contact us at